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If you already have your bachelor's degree and you are either already in a business job or you are interested in getting into a business position, you can consider enrolling at a graduate school of business.

Many people think that you have to have a degree in business to pursue a master's degree in business (MBA), but that isn't true. Anyone with a bachelor's degree can apply to a graduate business school. If you're accepted, you will have to pass a series of prerequisite classes in the areas of accounting, statistics, economics and possibly a few others.

While it's easier to pursue a graduate degree full time, most students just don't have that luxury. Most students attend graduate school one class at a time and take three years to complete. It's a long road, but it is almost always worth it once you graduate. Learn more about graduate school.

Health care is another very popular field. Nursing is a profession that attracts a wide variety of individuals from many different backgrounds. You can either start with a short nurse training program or enter into a full four-year program. Nurses also need to complete continuing education training after they start working. Find out more about nursing classes and careers.

A somewhat similar career path is working in a dental office as either a dental hygienist or a dental assistant. Dental assistants can get started working in a very short period of time. Find out more about becoming a dental hygienist or assistant.

If you are interested in attending college out of California, there are many places to consider. And if you are going to college for something in demand, such as information technology or business or nursing, your post-graduation options should be pretty terrific.

Georgia has an atmosphere that a lot of students, especially from the south, really appreciate. Most of the colleges are centered around the Atlanta area, but there are several others to consider.

Michigan offers a traditional upper Midwest college atmosphere, with options available with Big Ten style public colleges and smaller private universities.

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